Project Overview
In response to the current state of science education and environmental awareness, the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is leading a collaborative effort for the San Diego Environmental Literacy in Action project (SanDELA). The vision is to empower K-12 educators and students with resources to enhance environmental literacy and stewardship. The SanDELA project seeks to educate teachers and students about local environmental issues through the lens of standards-based teaching and learning. Environmental issues can be used in core science and humanities instruction in grades kindergarten through twelve and be enhanced by stewardship and/or field learning experiences.

The SanDELA project’s K-12 Environmental Literacy in Action Guidebook is a compilation of inspiring projects from local teachers that supports environmental literacy and core standards-based science instruction. Each project in the guidebook also includes links to helpful resources such as field trips, speakers, and curricula. It is the hope of the SanDELA Leadership Team that other educators will be inspired by these success stories and will use the ideas to enhance environmental literacy in their own classrooms. 

SanDELA Leadership Team:
Brian Swagerty, SanDELA Director, Outdoor Education Director, SDCOE
Nancy Taylor, SanDELA Advisor, Science Coordinator, SDCOE
Adrienne Marriott, SanDELA Project Manager, CREEC Coordinator, SDCOE

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the talented teachers who shared their ideas and expertise with this project:

Kyra Adkins, Horton Elementary School
Maria Catalina, Mar Vista Middle School
Sara Chai, Montgomery Middle School
Diana Dent
Janice Duvall, San Diego County Office of Education
Sherri Freeman, Warner Springs Middle/High School
Cheryl Froke
Carey Galst, PISCES
Lynn Howard, Encanto Elementary School
Stacy Konyn, Escondido High School
Curtis McKenzie, Granite Hills High School
Myriam Pedersen, Toler Elementary School
Maggie Perez-Garcia
Becky Reid, Sunset View Elementary School
Leah Saunders, Murdock Elementary School
Mike Sixtux, Bonita Vista High School
Mario Soloway
Molly Stewart, Ocean Beach Elementary School
Martin Teachworth, La Jolla High School
Claudette Toland
Jay Vavra, High Tech High School
Chris Wakefield, HTH Media Arts
Bonnie Welch, Mt. Woodson Elementary School
Raenna Wertz
Erika Wiekel, Outdoor Education

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